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Sleep Medicine Solutions, LLC sales representatives, also known as Account Representatives or AR's, have an excellent understanding of Polysomnography - the science and study of Sleep and the effects on the human body.

When promoting a new product or service to your community, you must be able to describe the Condition, Screening tools, Insurance options, Methods of testing, Company policies, Common treatment and Therapy options. By specializing in a certain group or class of specialty such as sleep medicine, AR's can help deepen their knowledge base, making them more valuable to healthcare providers (your accounts) and more effective at promoting our products and services.

Most AR's are salespeople first, who have a great work ethic, self starters and who enjoy to work on commission basis within a certain geographic territory or area. In this role, you schedule and attend meetings with health care providers, follow up leads and cultivate new referral sources for your business. You may also attend industry conferences, speak at provider events and conduct continuing education sessions for medical professionals.

In addition to promotional duties, many AR's conduct field research to keep current with the latest and greatest in the industry. You may be responsible for monitoring physicians’ screening patterns or gauging reactions to a new treatment options.

Experienced AR's enjoy the intellectual challenge the job provides. Because our industry advances rapidly, there are always new products to research. AR's find great satisfaction in communicating exciting advances at the forefront of sleep medicine to all our Accounts, Doctors and Patients, bringing new and often life-saving treatments to the public.

Although you may be based in your home office or company based office, all of RA's spend much of their time on the road visiting physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities building referral sources. These professionals work independently and have considerable freedom to set their own schedules. However, because your pay is commission-based, you still need to put in a significant number of hours to build your business.

Our AR's often spend their extra time traveling to conferences and networking events where they can develop new contacts for future sale, accounts and referrals.

Sleep Medicine Solutions, LLC is currently paying $50.00 to $250.00 per Sleep Study Patient referral! Call today for more information: (888) 759-1112