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In Home Sleep Apnea Testing, Home Medical Equipment, Supply and Repair is an excellent business opportunity!

Why work for someone else? Sleep Medicine Solutions, LLC was founded on the spirit of an entrepreneur and the the desire to make a difference in the world. Owning an SMS business can bring many opportunities that can enable you to make a difference in the lives of family, friends, customers and even your own. When you own an SMS franchise, you’ll also find how compelling and profitable home sleep apnea testing and Home Medical Supply industry can be.

Don't try to Re-Invent the Wheel!
Sleep Medicine Solutions, LLC have already endured all the growing pains that are always associated with start up companies so you don't have to. It truly is turn key. We take care of all the technical aspects of Marketing, Billing, Insurance payments, Co-Payment, In-Network Billing, Out of Network Billing, Invoicing, Collections, Expensive Testing Equipment, Whole Sale Accounts and on and on. You simply educate your community/market about the importance of Sleep Apnea Screening,Testing and PAP Therapy through your local Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Professional and Community Networks.

Join the growing ranks of Sleep Medicine Solutions Owners making a difference. SMS became associated with the Sleep Apnea screening and testing industry in the summer of 2011. From the beginning we established a superb reputation as an accurate, reliable and confidential Sleep Testing Service. We started in the areas of Home Sleep Testing and now have expanded into Home Medical Supply, Health and Wellness industry. As part of the SMS team you will be among the leaders in providing Sleep Apnea Screening, Testing, and Home Medical Equipment/Supply in the multi-billion dollar sleep medicine industry.

Sleep Medicine Solutions, LLC – A well needed solution! SMS, LLC franchises meets the growing In Home Sleep Apnea Screening, Testing and Home Medical Equipment needs. With many years of experience in Sleep Medicine we came to realize the following situations would create a need for more Franchise owners throughout the United States: • The absence of a national brand dedicated to Sleep Medicine Diagnoses and Treatment. • The growing need for a nationwide network of specialist that could meet the demands of all organizations looking to third-party sleep testing and treatment services. • The changing and increasing regulations of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); testing that required compliance experts to specialize in these areas. • The necessity to offer both in home testing, ongoing treatment and compliance support. • The opportunity to become a leader in the Sleep Medicine Solutions industy.

If you feel that owning an Sleep Medicine Solutions Franchise is the right fit for you call today!

As with any expanding franchise system, we have many people interested in buying a franchise. To measure a candidate's qualifications, we have established the following requirements:

Required liquid assets: Minimum of $50,000 per market.

Required net worth per market of $100,000.

The minimum population requirement for new franchisee market is 5000.

The initial one time francies fee is $50,000.

The Operator must be an equity partner of at least 25%.

No more than 80% of the start-up costs be leveraged; 20% of any single store's start-up costs must be in liquid assets.

The one time franchise fee will provide for the New Account Setup, Training, Support, Advertising, Local Insurance In Network Account set up, Uniforms, Training and Field Manuals.